pilots and airline staff

In the pilot and airline staff insurance market, not all policies are created equal. At Plan Your Future, we help you find the most appropriate policy for your situation. We also offer an ongoing service to assist you in the event of a claim.

Flying is your priority, providing appropriate insurance advice is ours.

Loss of income can change your life

The financial burden on individuals and families caused by disability or death can be devastating.This is why protecting your ongoing income and your loved ones against these events is crucial.

What if a severe sickness or injury prevented you from earning an income for a long period of time – weeks, months or even years?  How would you keep up your mortgage payments, school fees, running the car, credit cards, everyday living expenses such as food, clothing, phone bills, gas, electricity and child care. Not to mention medical expenses that your health fund simply doesn’t cover!

brad_picture3Brad’s story

Age: 35
Occupation: Pilot
Income: $128,000
Sum Insured: $8,000/month

After seeking advice, Brad was advised to start an income protection policy insuring $8,000 per month (75% of his salary).  Two years later, Brad was involved in a car accident on the way to his local supermarket.  Brad suffered a major back injury particularly to the discs and nerves in his lower spine.  After being recommended surgery, it was likely that Brad would not return to work for at least three years (if at all).  Fortunately, Brad was able to claim his insured monthly benefit with inflation, which he used to pay everyday bills like, mortgage repayments, school fees, and general expenses.

More importantly, his family was able to maintain their previous lifestyle whilst Brad’s health was improving.

use a risk specialist

One of Plan Your Future’s specialties is finding appropriate insurance cover for pilots and other airline staff.  Insurance for pilots and airline staff differ in the terms to regular products that insurance companies usually offer.  All the more reason to deal with an adviser who knows the market you are in.

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