investment planning

There are various investment strategies you can put in place, but the difficulty is to find the most appropriate that will suit your needs. We will:

  • Help you establish your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Discuss your investment time frame, no matter how short or long.
  • Provide expertise in helping you find an appropriate solution.

Taking the time to consider an investment strategy is very important. It must suit your current financial situation and budget, and should only be considered if you are made aware of the risks of investing. With any type of investment, the earlier you begin, the higher the potential to earn money in the long term. A suitable investment plan could be your start to gaining financial security, or can be an additional way to balance out any existing investments you already have in place.

Would you like to:

  • Earn tax effective investment incomes?
  • Pay off your house sooner?
  • Save a home deposit?
  • Invest in properties, managed funds or shares?
  • Buy a home?
  • Prepare your finances before you have children?
  • Prepare your finances now that your children are financially independent?
  • Manage your cash flow?
  • Reduce your debts?

These are everyday goals we assist people to achieve.  It’s not as simple clicking a button, its careful planning!

When considering an investment plan, you need to keep in mind Growth, Cash Flow and Protection.  These things are crucial for you to make money long term.  You will also hear concepts like ‘negative gearing’.  We can help you to understand these terms and whether your risk profile and timeframes are suitable.

  • Growth – Investing should have a growth component.  As time passes, the underlying investment grows so that in you future, you have more than when you first started.
  • Cash Flow – It is important that you never extend yourself past what you can afford otherwise you are just losing money.  Therefore, your total incomes (salary and investment income) must be more than your total expenses (general expenses and investment costs).  This is why having a working budget is important.
  • Protection – sensible insurance protections should be put in place so that if you can’t work or worse still die, then the Growth and Cash Flow planned for is minimally effected.
  • Negative Gearing – means that the total costs of an investment exceed the total income from the investment.  Usually there are tax benefits of negative gearing although this should never be the main reason for selecting the investment.  Negative Gearing can be beneficial provided the underlying investment is a Growth Asset.

A common goal of investing is to provide long term capital growth. Whether you want to put away some money for your children’s education, pay off your house sooner, save for a future event, or retire sooner rather than later, there is a scenario that can be tailored for your needs, goals and objectives. Some investments also offer additional taxation benefits which may reduce the amount of tax you are required to pay. Borrowing to invest is an example of this.

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