corporate superannuation

Corporate (or Business) Superannuation is a financial solution for creating wealth within the superannuation environment. Flexible enough to cater to every individual throughout each life stage.

corporate Superannuation solutions for businesses

As a business owner you want to be able to focus on the day to day activities of running your business without needing to worry about how you are going to meet your superannuation obligations to your employees. Corporate Super Plans are a complete superannuation solution for employers who want to remain focused on the growth of their business and meet the financial needs of their employees. It enables you to provide your employees with a versatile superannuation and insurance package without the administrative and compliance burden.

corporate Superannuation solutions for your employees

The ultimate objective of retirement savings is to provide your employees with enough income in their retirement to enjoy the lifestyle that they seek. Corporate Super Plans gives your employees control over their investments and allows them to save for their retirement in a tax effective way.

Advantages of Corporate Superannuation Plans

Convenient online access

Corporate Super enables you to meet your superannuation obligations without the hassle. An online service is simple to use and makes attending to all your superannuation matters easy. You can conveniently make contributions, add new members and update member details, all at the click of a button. Plus, you can conveniently view past contribution details and correspondence history.

Information at your fingertips

Not only do Superannuation companies provide you with online up to date information on your own plan, you can also obtain current performance information, unit prices and fund profiles. Managing your plan is made easy with the ability to conveniently access online any forms that you may require to administer your plan.

Investment choice through one contact point

Corporate Super Plans enables your employees to access a range of quality investment options from a number of well-known and highly regarded investment managers, who are specialists within their chosen investment sphere. Usually, if your employees wanted to access these “best of breed managers” they would need to spend time dealing with each investment manager. But, with Corporate Super, we give your employees back their time to enjoy the pursuits they love most, by dealing with them all.

Flexibility and choice

A benefit of a Corporate Super Plan is that you can nominate the default investment selection for your employees who do not select their own personal investment selection. In addition to any default investment selection you may nominate for your plan, your employees can choose their own, investment selection.


Diversification involves investing money across different securities, sectors, asset classes and even investment managers in order to reduce risk. Putting it simply, diversification can be explained by the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in the one basket’.’ A Corporate Super Plan can help your employees diversify their portfolio:
  1. Across asset classes including domestic and international shares, domestic and international fixed interest, domestic and international property, and cash.
  2. Within an asset class. Your employees can diversify their portfolio by investing into different markets, different sectors, or different investment styles, within the one asset class.
  3. Across investment managers. By providing a choice of quality investment managers to select from, your employees can diversity their account by investing with different investment managers of differing investment styles.

lnsurance solutions

Many Australians may not have enough insurance to secure their own and their family’s financial future, should they die or suffer a serious injury that prevents them from working. If your employees have people who depend on them, financially protecting them and their family against the unexpected should be a priority. By putting a Corporate Super Plan in place, depending on the size of the fund, you can purchase life insurance and financial peace of mind for your employees should the unexpected happen.
Holding life insurance through superannuation can be a tax-effective way to provide your employees with the security of knowing that they have taker care of the most important people in their life if the unexpected happens. You can select insurance for your employees for:
  • Death only cover
  • Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) cover
  • Income Protection cover
You may be able to apply for automatic insurance for all types of cover available through Corporate Super Plans With most Corporate Super Plans, in addition to any cover you may select for your employees, they can add any cover type to their account. It your employees are covered under an Automatic Acceptance Limit, then individual employees can elect to be insured for higher amounts if required.

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